Rose Gold

Rose Gold- Which Top Would You Pick? by hopelaw featuring a silk tank top "Remember when rose gold jewelry went out of style...

Rose Gold- Which Top Would You Pick?

Rose Gold- Which Top Would You Pick? by hopelaw featuring a silk tank top

"Remember when rose gold jewelry went out of style", said no one ever! Rose gold accessories aren't always featured like sterling silver, white gold, or gold but that doesn't mean it's not a classic. It gives you a great sense of feminine elegance when it's slipped on the wrist, and leaves you feeling the smooth cold rose gold.
When wearing rose gold remember that balance is key! Yes ,of course, you're feeling girly and chic but you want to keep it even across the board with a bit of contrast. Now I'm not saying to throw on boyfriend jeans and a leather vest, which would actually be quite cute. I'm just saying you done want to overwhelm the outfit with femininity. Just add a few touches of masculinity or edginess to it. You don't have to go crazy with the masculine touches either. If you want to be girly you can still be girly with some tips that I came up with.
In this look I really wanted my girl to look and feel confident! I definitely think that rose gold jewelry can evoke that level of self-esteem because you know you look good when you wear it. I also wanted the complete look to come off as very soft and dainty while at the same time have her looking fierce and like a woman who can hold her own.
I was able to do so by choosing the rose gold jewelry, of course, the pastel silk top, FABRIC MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN EVOKING THE TONE YOU WANT, and a cute grey body con skirt. I brought in the navy blue as an implied edginess and it plays it's part well I might add. It doesn't have to be an obvious statement piece. Its a really good contrast to the light colors and give the look stability. It makes the overall look of the outfit less flimsy like.
Adding a bit of masculinity and edginess can come from any part of the look. Maybe it's the garment silhouettes, the accessories, or even the colors. It's a good contrast that keeps it even so that visually it's interesting and captures your observers. #streetstylers

What would you add to balance out this outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

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Silk tank top

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Asos mini skirt
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Aamaya by priyanka rose ring

14k bracelet

Blue jewelry

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