Autumn's Here!

Hey Guys!      How are you?! I hope you're having an eventful day! How's the weather where you are? Let me know in the comm...

Autumn Here!
Hey Guys!

     How are you?! I hope you're having an eventful day! How's the weather where you are? Let me know in the comments below.

     I may be in Miami but I know it's getting colder somewhere out there. So inspired by my sympathy for others who have started autumn, which will quickly turn into a winter that most people will dread to be in making them wish it were summer, I have come up with a trendy look that I think is fabulous for the new season. This could change your whole mind set.

     First, I'd like to say I love using the word Autumn verses Fall. I know it's been around for forever but I recently heard a fellow fashion blogger/ Youtuber use it. Her name is Patricia Bright (that's what she goes by) and she said in one of her recent videos how its an American thing to say Fall instead of Autumn. I have to say that's so true. All Americans don't say it, obviously, but most do. Needless to say I just wanted to be different, haha. I will leave a link under this post so you can go check out Patricia's videos, sooo good!

     But anyway, back to the outfit post. Since I've experienced a true fall once or twice in my time I now know that Fall, or shall I say Autumn, is not the time to bundle up with huge heavy winter puffer jackets while at the same time wearing two pairs of tights under you pants, haha. Don't judge me I lived in Miami my whole life and we only really have one season year round. Well with the exception of when the temperature drops to 60 or 50 degrees for about two months.
     This look is definitely for my style dare angels out there.
     In this look we have a sexy lace crop top paired with high rise ripped denim shorts. Because they do contrast in so many ways like light and dark, feminine vs. rugged, thin and heavy fabrics they actually end up complementing each other. They become the yin to each others yang.
     As you may or may not know, I love to take the darkest color of the bunch and use that as the foundation for my accent pieces. What I chose in this look is a cute #LBP, little black purse, that can also convert to a #LBC, little black clutch, if needed. For more info on the #LBD check out my post called Much Needed Accessories! You will thank me for you new closet staples.
I also chose a black pair of flats that kind of gives off a minimal vibe. These flats and the purse are the perfect pair. I know seeing the shorts for an fall outfit might be a bit off putting but that's why I think it's a must to add a pair of tights under them. Thick or thin depending on how easily you get cold. I chose the ones above because I really like the pattern, it gives the overall look a bit more edge.
     For my pop of color I definitely wanted to go for fun and furry. As someone who has basically lived in heat all her life I honestly think fur, of different weight levels of course, can be worn all throughout the year. The past year my favorite Autumn color has been this oxblood/ burgundy. So, naturally when I saw this I had to add this as the outerwear to complete the look.
Don't worry there will be a Fall look for my conservative girls out there just keep coming back!

Let me know if you like the new layout. I thought is would be a good idea for you to see the outfit as you were reading so you don't have to keep scrolling up to it as you read about it. And don't forget to let me know how the weather is where you are too!

Have an amazing day and remember you're never alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up.

Patricia's Youtube Account


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  1. i like this post very much we do have a few things in common, i am a huge fan of Patricia bless her socks and yhh i like saying autumn instead of fall haha xx


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