No Rules Just Fashion

No Rules Just Fashion by hopelaw featuring black handbags You always see super cute, funny, or adorable socks but then you thi...

No Rules Just Fashion

You always see super cute, funny, or adorable socks but then you think "no one is every going to see them unless", putting your hand on your chin in thinking position while tilting it slightly up towards your thought bubble, "I wear them with sandals? Hmmm no that's like the Golden Rule -No Socks With Sandals". I'm here to tell you GO FOR IT! Socks and sandals is a pretty #trickytrend but you always have to remember ......there are no rules just fashion. I see fashion rules as "Fashion Rules (optional)".

I don’t know if you’ve notice yet but there aren’t really any rules when it comes to fashion and style.  I mean look at everything that goes in and out of style. What the fashion industry calls rules I call suggested guidelines. Everything is optional and no can make you wear anything just one way.  You just have to rock your style. You can’t half look good, you have to always remember the details.

All the tips I’m giving you are not just for you but it's what I try to tell myself everyday.  Sometimes I too get comfortable and I dress in things that I know won’t get a rise out of anyone or that won’t attract to much attention. However, other times I just want to break free from caring and I wear what I want whether anyone  thinks it matches or not.
It's tested suggestions.

Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat him up.
Chloé chloe sweater

Alice Olivia red top
$280 -

Topshop black top

AG Adriano Goldschmied torn pants

MiH Jeans shorts
$63 -

BDG stretchy pants


Monki patterned hosiery
$3.95 -

Black socks
$4.92 -

Lipsy quilted backpack
$79 -

Studded envelope clutch

Frederic sage jewelry

Chronograph watch
$430 -

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