What's It Going To Be?

What's it gonna be? by hopelaw featuring yellow shoes We've all seen items that we've just got to have online or i...

What's it gonna be?

We've all seen items that we've just got to have online or in store. At that moment it's do or die. You think "ugh this is too much money" and walk away. Next thing you know you've walked the mall thinking of all of the possible outfit combinations from you closet that would go with the product you want to buy just to justify buying something so expensive. Then, you talk yourself out of buying it because you want to be responsible with your money. Now you're at the end of your shopping trip and you somehow magically end up right in front of the source of your dilemma.  Now staring at it, you think "just shut you eyes, open your wallet, and get it!"

At the end you end up in one of the 4 categories below.

1. You end up really happy you spent what you did and your mind has completely convinced you that item was a necessity. (What are the chances that, that's going to happen to a money-conscious spender like yourself?)

2.You buy want you wanted and your mind throws in two Louis Vuitton luggage bags full of guilt.

3.You don't get it, and leave feeling proud of the responsible choice you made. (Who are you kidding? You and I both know that's not going to happen after you've imagined outfits with it.)

And last...
4.You go home without the product that you've spent virtually your entire shopping trip thinking about. You walk out of the exit door at closing slowly with you head tilted towards the ground.

What if none of those have to be an option? What if you were able to find something so close in detail to what you wanted but so far in price range? In your price range in fact!

I say you do your research. It's quite possible there is something out there with equal style and flare with a price tag that doesn't break your bank and send it falling into the abyss. 

What you see above is an example of what I would want to splurge on and what I think are some chic and reasonably price items that I would definitely buy if I didn't have money to get exactly want I wanted.

Don't think of this as settling. Settling would be you wanting the leather shearling coat on the left but then you end up buying a thin jersey draped cardigan. 

This isn't settling, it's saving!

Let me know in the comments below what you would do in this situation.

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!

For more details on the products in this post just click on the mini pictures of them.


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