Young & Free

Young and Free

Hey loves!     
     Pandora has started to suggest the perfect Christmas radio stations so you know it's the beginning of the holiday season. So grab your favorite pair of black pants because I have some semi casual yet classy looks for you to try! 
(Oh how I wish you all could hear the animated voices I read my post in.)

     As you can see this set caters to both Men and Women. So no one should feel left out. I'm going to try to do more sets like this in the future. Let me know in the comments below how you feel about this.

     Obviously, you don't have to follow my exact outfit but this season I challenge you to add some fun into your looks. Whether it's adding a quirky sweater, tie, hat, ring, or scarf. Any piece of your outfit will do really. I know it's easy to get boxed in when it comes to holiday outfits. There are over the top glamour looks, people wearing big costume jewelry, and you can't forget the overly merry ugly sweaters. The color schemes basically consist of red, black, green, and winter white. And last, the one textile you can never get away from, not that you would really want to this time of the year, is the velvet everything.

     I admit I was sucked in by green and black but the way I styled the looks can definitely be worn anytime of the fall/winter season. This look is just something you can wear whenever with a bit of holiday flare help from the accessories.

     Whether you're young in age or at heart you are free to wear whatever you want! Be young and free!

For more info on the items used in the sets above click their mini pictures below.

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you! Just chat Him up.


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