Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas

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Hey All!

This outfit was inspired by the want to be glamours & stylish while still being comfortable. I got the color story and high end style from the Christmas tree on the left.

I achieved this goal by balancing the right amount of statement pieces with more casual comfy pieces.

I started it all off with this nice sweater you see here and pairing it with this somewhat simple top. It's a cozy pair but it has some detail, like the sheerness of the mesh top, that gives it extra flare. By the way if your bra is going to show make sure it's a head turner.

Next, I went for a BAM black skirt because I wanted to add more sass to the outfit. I call this the BAM skirt because it has delicate ruffle bands and fits nicely around the body.

For jewelry I went for luxurious simple items that don't over power each other or the outfit. And my POW piece is this gorgeous Tory Burch mini shoulder frame bag. I chose this because of the print and the unique chain link strap. 
And last, I picked the black heels because of the sheer detail that is also in the top. This then ties the whole look together.

And there you have it a great Christmas outfit that is cute AND comfortable. And if you're at a close friend or family members house you could kick off your heels and put on a cute pair of socks and still be rockin this look.

Have an amazing day and Christmas! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!


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