The Layer of Confidence

The Layer of Confidence


     Tis' the season for layering and showing off your personality! I know the holidays are basically over so just go with it, haha. People think that when it gets cold you have to go straight to the dull winter items like the brown wool coat or the unflattering puffer jacket.  You don’t!  Layering was invented to stay warm and stay cute. Okay so maybe it wasn't exactly invented for that last part but it sure does allow you to add style and flare to your outfit with each layer you add on. The best part of layering is that when you get inside you can take off different layers depending on your warmth level. That way you don’t go from super warm in the cold to overheating in the office.

     I like to think of layering as a little surprise to the other viewers around. Remember they don’t know what you have under that coat. Once you've amazed them with your, sophisticated yet edgy, coat break out the razzle dazzle in the second look by unzipping your coat and showing off the next layer. And so on and on. You can pretty much have a mix-n-match wardrobe change all day long if you want.

     Remember, though, you’re not dressing for others. You’re dressing for yourself, impressing yourself, and only comparing to yourself.  The other people just happen to be present at your time of sheer fabulousness, haha.  It’s time you show off your confidence and your personality. That’s the layer you can wear ALL year long no matter what and it never goes out of style!

     Just to give you some momentum to wear the confidence layer watch this song on Youtube by India Arie, called Video, on the album Acoustic Soul. Even if this is normally not the type of music you listen to just listen to the lyrics, it’ll change you. Trust me you’ll love it!
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Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up.

Love ya!


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