You Can Have Summer In Winter

You Can Have Summer In Winter

You Can Have Summer In Winter by hopelaw featuring white shower curtains
Hey All!

I love this photo don't you? She looks free and happy and I wouldn't want to start my new year off any other way. So I chose this look because it evokes all that I want in an outfit. It's stylish, comfortable, and has its own uniqueness. Unfortunately, this outfit will not cut it in a New York winter.

There's always that one look that you think is so cute that you just want to try it out immediately. One problem though, we're in the wrong season for it. No worries, there is a loophole in everything and I have found a way!

All you have to do is lengthen what needs lengthen and layer what needs to be layered for winter. Vice versa when you're styling for summer.

For this outfit to transition to winter I found a similar pants that is much longer in length. Ain’t nobody tryin’ to have cold calves, haha. I picked a pair of closed toe booties that has a similar look with the straps. Of course I wouldn't wear them alone in winter nor would I dare you to, so I added the heathered dark charcoal knit socks. 

I kept the hat because it gives off the sense of summer which is what I love most about the picture. I also think your head might get a bit chilly outside in the cold. I chose the charcoal gray jacket because the fur is a chic and trendy replacement for a scarf. It’ll keep your neck and chest soooo warm. And if you’re anything like me it’s a bonus to have something super soft to feel randomly at your fingertips.

A light yet edgy make up style in brownish tones with a pale pink lip will do. If you want to spice things up, which I strongly suggest that you do, add a dark autumn color to your nails like maroon, deep ruby, or wine red. 

The best part about this set is that each of these items are $50 or under. For all of those people shopping on a budget, I got you.

All the items in the post above are linked to their mini thumbnails below. Just click it.

Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!

Have an amazing day!


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  1. Thanks for this post Ang!! I always loved your taste in style!! :] keep them coming!! :]


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