Hello Everyone!

How are you? I hope your week has been going well. This weeks blog post is kind of a treat for me and you. I wanted to do something interactive with you all. 

This week I am making YOU the stylist! Yes, that’s right, you. As you may or may not know fashion weeks all over the world have been happening in past month. 

Todays challenge is simple. Easy peasy. Take a good look at the outfit on the right. I want you to be the stylist and choose a coat to go with it. I know those are a bit of a bazaar combo but I wanted you to have very different options. So have fun and just follow the guidelines below.

Tell Me…..
1. Who you’re styling for?
2. What fashion show are they about to attend?
3. Why did you choose the coat you chose?

The reason I ask these questions is because this is what stylist think about when they are on the job. Who they’re dressing? Where they’re going? Is the look right for the occasion, and so on. 

I can’t wait to see what you come up with and why!

Links to the outfit pieces are mini thumbnails of the items below this post.
Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!

Love ya,


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