Casual Luxe

Casual Luxe

Heeeeellllooo Everyone!

     It’s SUMMER and you know what that’s means…. heat, the beach, shorts, fun, more heat, and my favorite…. COLOR! Notice I say heat twice. This time of year is when everyone is pretty much wearing the same amount of layers which is one or two only because we would be indicted for indecent exposure if we didn’t. Clearly I’ve been watching too much crime shows lately. I wouldn’t go that far if I could but sometimes these high temperatures sure make me consider it. What always comes to mind is that Nelly song that came out in 2001, Hot in Herre, “It’s getting hot in herre so take off all your clothes. I am getting so hot I wanna take my clothes off.” If you just sang along with me while you read those lyrics fist bump because you know what’s up.

I get distracted so easily let’s get back to the blog post, haha.

     Depending on where you live summer can be nice and cool, with perfect walk in the park weather, or it can just be dreadfully hot, still air and all with the sun’s heat beaming on skin. This year I’ll be spending the summer in New York City, you know what that means, hot days cold nights. At least, that is what I’ve heard. So far those people have been right. While I’m here I always try to dress so that I have an easy transition from day to night. That’s how I got the inspiration for this ensemble.

     My summer go to is jeans usually because they are casual and no fuse goes into prepping to wear them. If I want to throw them on last minute I can. On really hot days I just like to wear light or bright colors. I’m pretty it’s a mind trick but it keeps me cool. I also think when it is boiling outside NO ONE wants to put on a boat load of makeup. I know I don’t. Summer time is a great time to have a simple staple makeup look. My go to is definitely the cat eye and red lips. Adding random colors to my outfits is just my thing, hence, the green heels. I think it makes the look seem more playful and visually pleasing. Since I have to remember to prepare for cooler weather at night I never leave the house without a light jacket which is also no fuse because it’s denim too. “No fuse is a must” with my style. Just made that up on the spot guys. To wrap up the look I have realized that adding the jewelry and those sandals easily adds the luxe factor to the look to dress up the jeans.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks look! Comment below and tell me what your summer go to outfit and/or makeup staple is. I’d love to read them!

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!

Love ya,


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