Rain Rain (Don't) Go Away

Rain Rain (Don't) Go Away
Hello All!

     Have you ever looked outside your window in the morning and see all of your great expectations for that day just disappear into the dreadful stormy gray clouds ahead? We all have at some point. Whether we want to admit it or not weather plays a huge part in our lives. Sometimes it can set a tone for our frame of mind. It’s so easily to be swept away into a dull and vibrant less mood that storms can bring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What I want you to do is TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.  No longer will a rainy day be a designated stay at home Netflix day! No longer with stormy weather pull you into a down ward spiral of yawns, laziness, discouragement. We’re going to silence our inner child singing rain rain go away come again another day. I know just how to do it.

The one thing that puts us all on the edge when it comes to weather like this is being unprepared.

     You see slight gray clouds in the distance but refuse to pack an umbrella because you just know the sun will out shine those clouds just so you can have a great day. What happens when the sun falls back? Now you’re out in the rain, soaking wet. Be smart people! If you’re packing an umbrella that’s not the most attractive invest in one that is. You’re not spending money on anything useless. You will need it in the future and it doesn’t hurt if it just happens to go with your outfit as well. Now on the other hand if you’re the type to not want to be held down by an umbrella buy a cool raincoat that also acts as a stylish outer wear piece like the clear and blue poke-a-dot above.

     Rain boots are a must! And please don’t give me all of this “but rain boots are so ugly!” Not in this day in age! Check out the very chic rain boots in the set above. I strongly suggest getting a bag that lets water just rolls off the side of it. That way you never have to worry about your electric and personal items on the inside. A simple winged eye and nude lip will do the trick because who really wants to worry about smudging when the rain is coming down. I myself like to polish my nails a color that gets me excited that way every time I look down at my hand I know I’ll find some kind of joy. Last but not least, always and I mean always pack your sunnies! Always carry a pair of sunglasses because you never know when the Sun is going to come back and shine over your life.

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!

Love ya,

Rain Rain (Don't) Go Away by hopelaw featuring Kate Spade

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