7 Days of Denim: Day 6

Denim Daze by hopelaw featuring inspirational wall art      Ladies, ladies, ladies!       Now you know I wouldn't forget abo...

Denim Daze

     Ladies, ladies, ladies! 
     Now you know I wouldn't forget about you! I wanted to include the guys in on the fun but now it's our turn again. Something that's commonly done with the denim on denim trend is to pair dark denim with light denim as I did in the above set. People do this all the time so what I like to do to add some spice is to throw in a print and a pop of color! The weather here has been all grey lately and I just wanted some reference of the sun even if it's just a color on a page. So I figured yellow shoes was the perfect way to go.

     Since it is that time of year where every site likes to talk about what's new in denim it's easy to fall into a denim daze. So with that being said I just what to give you one tip you should know when picking out a denim that is perfect for you! 
Make sure your denim has details!
For example, the denim skirt in the set above is asymmetrical and has a diagonal fly which makes it very unusual and visual interesting. Your eye gravitates to it because it's not like anything you're use to seeing.  
In the pictures above it looks as if Rihanna is wearing a basic combination of denim on denim but what you see is not always what you get. When you see the back of her outfit it surprises you with the flared back on the oversized top and a curved hem. If that's not a cool pair details I don't know what is, haha.
     Here is a short list of denim brands that I think you'll love because of the fits, the quality, and the uniqueness. You are bound to find your perfect pair of jeans and/or matching denim jacket with these companies. You're welcome, enjoy!
-McGuire Denim
-Mother Denim
-Hudson Jeans
-Rag and bone

-J brand
-American Eagle Jeans
Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up! Much love.

If you like any of the items from the set above the thumbnail of each product is below and will take you to the link to buy  them or just get more information about it with one click. 

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