Counterfeit: The Look

Hey!             So it finally feels like spring outside and boooooyyyyy am I excited for it! I have put together the cutest cas...


     So it finally feels like spring outside and boooooyyyyy am I excited for it! I have put together the cutest casual glam look seen above. There are some many trends this season to keep up with but don't feel left behind! Every trend isn't  for everyone. Though there is nothing wrong with trying them on for size. This look brings out the best in all worlds with some subtle touches. 

     First, shown is the uneven hemmed flare dark wash denim. I am really diggin' these because they are very flattering. Why? It's a skinny fit that is cropped right above the ankle to show off those cute sandals sitting in your closet waiting for its time to shine. Annnnddd the flare on these beauties have a reasonable width so you don't end up looking like you step out of the 70's. Not that that's a bad thing but some people need to be eased into it, haha.

     Next, is the reinvented stripe with an unexpected twist. Or shall I say tie? The level of this top brings the perfect amount of dramatics to a normally simple print. It is paired with a pop of color moto jacket and taupe velvet loafers, which by the way was everyones choice of fabric last season. It's a great color to transition the velvet from winter to the spring time.

     To wrap up this seasons trends like a cute spring gift, is minimalism which will never go out of style. To bring in the minimal vibes I simply went with gold details. For example, the sophisticated gold earrings and the Chloe clutch with the gold chain attached brings a simplistic elegance to the whole look.

     Whether you're that person that is always on trend or someone who wants to try something new, you can. Go ahead try on the world! It's spring go crazy, haha. In fact, you can try this outfit out while you go take a walk in the park. Who said you can't fabulous and outdoorsy?

Let me know what your favorite trend for the season is. I'd love to know! And just so you know, all of the shopping links are down below.

Remember you are never alone. Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!

COUNTERFEIT RELATIONSHIP by hopelaw featuring high rise jeans

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