Unapologetically Me

Today I'm gonna wake up and let all the coils and curls on the top of my head flow every which way the wind decides to blow t...

Today I'm gonna wake up and let all the coils and curls on the top of my head flow every which way the wind decides to blow them in.

I'm gonna look in the mirror at the dark frames of strength and late nights around my eyes. Even though I can see a mini mountain forming on the surface of the middle of my cheek I'm going to say with my well vaselined  lips "you are... so beautiful. You're made in His image and His likeness shines through you".

I'm gonna put on my red and white striped shirt and my form fitting black bell bottom ripped denim jeans because "yeah I have a butt and what?!"

I'm gonna strut down the sidewalk with my head held high and my back up right and if you choose to cross the street because of my dark skin your loss. You missed the chance to see a 70's inspired melanin masterpiece up close and personal.
What you thought was harmful was completely harmless. 

I might say ain't and y'all and throw grammar to the wind today. 
I'm gonna be happy and love me because I know my worth.
You want to try and put me down? Hold me down? The truth that I know from my God will always be strong enough to pull me back to an upright position and back onto my feet.
Those stereotypes against me will phase me no more.

You know why?

Because today I'm gonna be unapologetically me.

Hey All!

     Soooooo I got an undercut, *gasp*. Pretty much everyone in my life was shock. I got some really great responses and I completely ignored all the other ones. I truly do not have time for that and from the wise words of Neka W. "they can all take several seats", haha.

     So the other day I went to the Moma with one of my really close friends and it was faaaantastic. We caught up, saw art, and then went to see Suicide Squad. My first time seeing it and her second. She is such a good friend for going with me, haha. I thought it was a really good movie but I would have definitely rather the Joker be in it more, not at all or only in flashback from Harley Quinn's point of view. But that's just me.
    The inspiration of the outfit I chose to wear was completely derived from my love of the 70's and the fact that I really wanted to wear color. Thanks to Gap I now own amazing black wide leg jeans that only cost $7. Yes and yes! Forget gold! An amazing bargain is all I need.

     The above post is just a reminder to anyone that needs it. We all have many flaws some that we dislike more than others. But when you remember who you are and how great your worth is nothing can stop you. Being unapologetically you means loving yourself from the inside out. Go a little crazy, have fun, and be who you truly are.
For some inspirational and wise words do check out @nekaw on instagram

Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up! Much love.


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