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Hello Friends!

     I had a really amazing day! So the night before this I had a Christine Caine YouTube marathon.......and it was soooooo good. If you don't know who Christine Caine is I strongly suggest that you look her up. You'll see all the wonderful and encouraging things God has done and said through her. She's such an inspiring woman. The next morning, I woke up praising Jesus. I was just full of His joy and love. Don't worry I'll link the video below this post because it's well worth the watch.
     Since I was in such an amazing mood I decided to try something new. Mix things up. Spice up my life with a hair style I've wanted to try for awhile but I thought I might look a bit silly with.
I did the new Do and when I finally looked into the mirror I was so surprised but in a good way! I saw innocence, joy, and someone that was so adorable! I usually hate it when people call me that, adorable,  but with God's joy I owned it! I literally felt like I was the human version of Minnie Mouse. I was completely goofy the whole day. I loved it. Every time I saw my reflection it was like a little treat from God revealing the beauty that he sees when he looks at me. 
     I went to Zara tried on an over sized coat with a huge hoodie and pretended I was modeling. People saw me and walked by smiling but that only made me happier because I was able to put a smile on someones face. I hadn't felt that good about me being me in a really long time. It was amazing. I even wore it again to work today! 
     Now that I've told you about my new go to Happy Do, you tell me in the comments below what hairstyle you want to try. Or a favorite or new hair style that you've tried that makes you feel great about yourself.
Below is just one of the very inspiring videos of Christine that got me fired up about life. Enjoy! 
Also check out The A21 Campaign and get involved! 

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you! Just chat Him up.


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  2. So awesome! Nice post.

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