Approval of 1 VS. Approval of NONE

Hey All!      How are you? I hope your're having an amazing week so far!      I've had this super cute stripe crop top sinc...

Hey All!

     How are you? I hope your're having an amazing week so far!

     I've had this super cute stripe crop top since my birthday in July. It's now November and this is only the first time I've worn it. This took me awhile to wear because even though I don't have much to be insecure about I grew up always being covered up.

My mom is Jamaican and she grew up wearing skirts all the time and being covered up because that's just how it was back then. When she grew older she did make her own choices to wear pants and shorts and everything. But how she was raised gave her the foundation of how she would raise her children. Now thank God, she let us wear pants and normal clothes we just had to be appropriately covered up.
     I was completely fine with that rule even though of course sometimes there were things I wanted to wear that I knew just wouldn't be allowed. I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to wear it anyway. I was quite shy and very reserved in all things. I'm still a bit that way in some areas of my life. Even when I did get to the age where my Mum gave me a bit more room to wear what I wanted I still chose not to pick out clothing that I was formerly not allowed to wear because it was already instilled in my brain.
      When this showed up in the mail after I order it, it was like "oh man I really bought this and now I have to wear it or my sister might say I wasted her money." Not that I didn't want to wear it, it's just I thought,"what will my mom think when I put it on? Oh dear".
     One day I was just like "and what if my mom doesn't like? It's completely okay. I'm 20 this is the age to experiment with my style. She's not going to like everything I wear." I shouldn't be looking for anyone's approval but mine when I wear something.
     So now when I dress I think, "do I like this?" Maybe I'll be the only one to like my outfit that day or forever. I'm living with loving my style and my approval. It'll just have to be
 Approval of 1 VS. Approval of NONE.
Still trying to do a Coco Rocha pose, haha.
In some cases dealing style there will be times where it's your approval VS. the world and it's okay. Rock your style!
My mom had rules but she's amazing by the way!
My lovely Mum as we took selfies on the public transportation.
Have an amazing day my loves! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!


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