Art Basel 2014: Lola Blu

Hey All!

     I know I am supposed to be putting up photos from Wynwood to show you how I got inspired from my last post "Wynwood Miami Inspirations" but what I have for you today is well worth the post push back.
     Since Art Basel was launched at Miami Beach in 2002, the event has down nothing but grow. People from all over the world come to see art in its true form of awesomeness! I've been to many Art Basel events over the past couple of years but since I missed it for the last two years because I was away at school I kind of lost the urge to want to go. Plus, it didn't seem as exclusive to art enthusiast as it use to be. That's a good thing, I guess, because now people are starting to appreciate visual art and respect it in all forms. It's just all I saw on my Facebook news feed this week was Art Basel this, Art Basel that.
     My aunt, below with the really awesome natural Mohawk, invited me out to an exhibition with her. I was hesitant to go because of how I was feeling about Art Basel but I am so glad that I ended up going with her! I had an awesome time minus the one guy hitting on me with a very strong smell of alcohol on his breath while I was in line for free Crepes. Yes, I said it FREE CREPES!

     The Lola Blu exhibition for Art Basel was pretty great. I thought her art was quite interesting and full of life. I loved that she let the guest be involved with the art by letting them paint on black and white images that she prepared. I thought that the neon painting was by far the best interactive activity I've seen this year. I also love the fact that you could put on 3D glasses and and walk around the gallery with art popping out at you.
     The artist herself was like her work in a way. She looks interesting and cool but then she shows you why. She ended up drumming at one point which was really awesome to see so we had live art and music. Sadly, I wasn't able to take a clear picture of her playing. But enough chit chat take a look for yourself.

To see more art from Lola Blue check out It won't disappoint!

Have and amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!


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