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Hey All!

     How have you all been since we were last connected? I hope the last couple of weeks have been great for you. If not we all go through it. I actually had a defining moment happen to me while away from the blog. Come and take a walk with me as we blur back into my memory for a pivotal moment in my thought life.

     It was a cold yet unusually sunny day in February of 2015, the weather was not half bad. I'd just come from an interview when I decided I was going to walk to my next destination, which happened to be over 27 blocks. I clearly had not thought about the distance, haha, because I was in another world. As I walked from Flatiron District to Midtown Manhattan I viewed the different buildings and the different people that made up this melting pot of a city called New York. 

     As I walked I had different thoughts on so many things that I see daily. I guess I'd call it a refresher walk. I passed by a construction site and I immediately started thinking of a sermon that I heard a few weeks ago at my church. It was about how, as a christian, my life will always be under construction. I will never be perfect on my own and I just need to trust the builder, God the Father, long enough to see the breakthrough he has for me.

"I will not turn away from the problem but I will allow God to use me as a solution."
"I didn't sign up for a perfect life, I signed up for a perfect savior..."
"Never stop building, never stop growing in Christ"
"I will never stop building no matter who is watching"
"I will always honor Gods word because it's as good as it has always been and it's only going to get better."
     After that, I just continued to admire the beauty in life around me and in me. I thought about the interview for the job I thought I wanted. It looked good on paper but when I got to it there was just no spark. My thoughts overcame me again and I began to think about my place in the fashion industry and what I actually wanted to do. Do I even know? I thought I was sure, before this day. 
     Then, as I was deep in thought being as serious as can be I tripped. Yup, that's right I tripped. Out of nowhere. Right then, I didn't feel embarrassed but I immediately smiled. I smiled, chuckled, and said "okay God I get it, haha. I need to calm down. I don't have to be so serious about this. I need to just enjoy life." And I needed to start with that walk that I was taking. I realized I didn't have to take life so serious. Then I looked up and saw this broken light. I thought, "that's me and probably a whole lot of other people". It's okay to not know exactly where I'm going because I will learn in due time. When it's Gods time.
 I also don't have to be jealous of someone who seems as if they've got everything in their life together. Chances are they may be going through their own struggles or they probably went through some rough times already. Just because someone gets blessed doesn't mean they're taking away my blessing. No one can take away what God plans to bless me with. 
Some people know what they want to be doing in life, who they want to be, and who they are. But it's completely okay if I don't. I don't have to know, I just have to let God lead me to the purpose he has for me.

     As I walked I saw this very cool man older gentleman walking down the street with the oldest looking camera I'd seen in person. We got to the same street corner, I was going my way, he was going his. When suddenly I got the urge to want to ask him all about his camera. I thought if I could just ask him the name of his camera. Being that I'm not usually a crazy bold person I clearly over thought going up to a complete stranger. But with my God given courage I did and I had a short but great chat. Turns out this man was famous for his street portrait photography. His name was Louis Mendes. He told me he taught photography and gave me his number to meet up in the future. One thing that stood out that he said was
"do you have a camera?
-No I don't
Good! I have plenty!"
I don't know why but that made me really happy to hear. I think it was that he wasn't expecting much out of me except that he expected me to grow and learn. So that kind of made my day. I'd always thought of dabbling in fashion photography and there I was not knowing my place in the industry and that happened. Who knows maybe I'll go into that.

      After that I decided to meet up with my friend. I didn't want to keep her waiting so I jumped on the train and that ended my walk. Unfortunately, I didn't catch her before she went to class but that didn't kill my mood.
I hope you enjoyed our walk today. Let me know in the comments below about any meaningful walks you've taken lately.

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat Him up!

Love ya,


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