Miami Swim Week 2014 & My Birthday! Part 1

Hey Guys!       How are things? I hope all is well!       I have been super busy this week filled with a rainbow of chaos. I've had ...

Hey Guys!

      How are things? I hope all is well!
      I have been super busy this week filled with a rainbow of chaos. I've had some great things going on because I was a dresser back stage at Miami Swim Week 2014 trade show. It was also my birthday week which was great. Since there is waaaay to much to tell you I will be breaking this flock of post into three. (You'll have to excuse me I was trying to be punny to go with this picture below. Get it pun and funny) Moooving on haha.

 The sections will be as follows:
- My birthday!!
-Working at the show and some sketches I did during a few of my breaks (A little dabble in some doodling)
- And the outfits I wore working back stage.
They won't necessarily be in that order though so keep an eye out for the different post.

     So First I bring you my outfits for Miami Swim Week 2014 and no they weren't swimsuits because I was working silly. Since I was working the whole week I definitely didn't go into full glam mode. I wanted to look chic, on trend and be really comfortable. And yes I succeeded. ;)
The pictures that aren't of me are all from because I'm a crazy pinner! And if you are too or want to start you can follow my boards here at this link!

So the first day we were just setting up and doing run through of the show. I actually ended up wearing the same outfit I wore in the blue paisley pants post. Here is the link to see it if you didn't check out that post yet. This was also my birthday outfit whoop whoop 20 year old in the hooouuuse.


Red and Blue striped dress that my grandma gave me. I took it in at the side seams to fit me.
Black Polyester (pleather) Vest
Black Boots from one of my favorite stores AllSaints
Black and Grey striped skirt from PacSun a few years back. (I love me some stripes)
Safari Inspired Jacket from Max Jeans at Marshalls
Green Tank from Nordstrom Rack
Shades from Anthropologie

Orange and Blue Tank from Nordstrom Rack
Riding Inspired Leggings from United Colors of Benetton

Yellow Printed Tank from Zara (It was on sale for a lovely 12.99)
Grey Sweat Skirt I THINK it was from Loehmann's
     So yeah that was my weeks worth of outfits all with one common constant which was just to be comfortable. Make sure to comment below to give me feedback.

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat him up.


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