Paisley Pants and Living Without You

Hey Guys!      Have you ever thought someone was leaving you? Do you remember what it felt like?      It was Sunday morning, I was asleep...

Hey Guys!

     Have you ever thought someone was leaving you? Do you remember what it felt like?
     It was Sunday morning, I was asleep on my bed, and all I heard was a voice saying "see you later". Immediately my heart started racing, and I tried to do all I could to get her back. I didn't want her to leave without me. My body felt somewhat paralyzed because I was half asleep so I couldn't jump out of bed and run after her. I screamed her name, "Ma, Ma", as the sound of her sandals click, clack, click, clack started to fade away....
     I thought I did all I could to keep her from leaving but I heard the hollow door slam from the front door. She still left....... so I thought.
     Suddenly, my room door bursts open "what are you calling me like a mad woman for?!" A sigh of relief came upon me. Then I started breathing slower thinking, "what was I getting so anxious about? She wouldn't just leave me with no warning. No note by the T.V or dresser.

     That incident made me think about my nieces, 2 and 13 months. Whenever someone they truly trust, like their mom or grandma, steps out of the room they seem to immediately go into a deep depression as if they were leaving them forever. And it's not even like we leave them alone because someone is always with them. Then when their mom or grandma steps back into the room they run to them and give them the tightest hug. As if telling them in their own way to never leave them again since they don't really know how to speak yet.

     At that moment I realized no mater what age you are there is someone that you feel that way about. Someone that you don't want to leave your life. Whether you're 1, 20 or 99.

Leave a comment below and let me know who you couldn't live without and why?

     Other than that anxious moment I had that morning my Sunday turned out to be really great! I went to church, they had a dating seminar, hmmm hmmm haha. I also went to Marshalls again and hung out with the family. I wore a super duper cute and comfy outfit and the details are below.

The Charcoal Grey Sweater- I believe it's from Nordstrom Rack but on the tag it says RD style research and design so if that helps you find it great!
Black shoes- Lucky Brand from DSW (you already know haha)
Blue and White Paisley Print- Marshalls (cheap and sweet)
Glasses and Necklace- Anthropologie Store
Big Ring- Beya
Small Ring- Nordstrom (I have a lot of stuff from Nordstrom who knew)
It doesn't matter the store or price what matters is the style and quality.

Smile Jesus loves you!


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