DSW Shoes, Chris Brown, and Simple Spice

Hey Guys! What is up? I've had a pretty chill day. I've been inside all day but I went out to do some window shopping and it was ...

Hey Guys!

What is up? I've had a pretty chill day. I've been inside all day but I went out to do some window shopping and it was faaaaaanntastic! Really the only shop my mom and I made it to was DSW, Designer Shoe Warehouse. I mean come on it's shoes, haha.

When we opened the glass door a rush of cold air slapped us in the face. Immediately we exuded happiness because we knew within the next few seconds we would be drowning in a ocean of luxurious shoes. Row by row, tall, flat, thick, thin, dotted, striped, wedges, pumps, rain boots, sneakers. There were so many its no wonder that's the only store we made it to, haha.
Some of the shoes that I happened to fancy were really quite simple. For me that day it was more the the detail of them that really caught my eye.
The white and nude color made it very wearable and the cut-outs made it feel a bit more edgy. Well as edgy as Sperry shoes will get.
I am just really into the braided gold texture detail in these.
After we were in DSW for hours we decided that it was best to go get some Cuban Chop- Chop from Chicken Kitchen and head home to Netflix. I got brown rice, grilled chopped chicken, black beans, chopped lettuce and tomatoes and to top it off half a pita bread. Sooo good and so healthy. I hope.


Completely Random from the post above but do you ever just go through life doing normal things and out of nowhere in the most random insane for the moment song pops into your head? Yeah. Well that happens to me all the time! In fact right now as I'm typing Take You Down by Chris Brown just makes it way right to the center of my mind and the same chorus keeps playing over and over like a broken record. Why has it found it's way here? I have no clue. (shrugs shoulders)
 This song is from Chris' first album........ in 2007! Whhhhyyy?
Now I have to go look up Chris Brown on Spotify and listen to the whole album or else it won't go away. Thank you stray thoughts, this is what you've done to me.
Guys this is for the "grown and sexy". Funny thing is he was only what 17/18 when he recorded it which isn't really that grown. Then there was that song with LoveyDoveyKissKiss with T-Pain. Y'all don't know about that. But you do, haha.

But back to the topic of conversation, I had a pretty great day hanging with my mum. Nope not from the UK but I love talking like that in my head. I can't be the only one who does that. So let me know in the comments if you do accents in your head too and name which one(s) they are.
Also, fill me in on what store you could stay in for hours like I did.
Just so I wouldn't leave you hanging this is the outfit I wore to DSW. Everything was simple and nice with a little bit of spice.

Green Top- Nordstrom Rack Store
Leather Vest- Urban Outfitters
Blue Jeans- American Eagle Outfitters: The Boy Jean Stretch

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat him up.


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