Janelle Monáe- You feelin' Electric?

Hey Guys!      So first off, I knooooooow I owe you a Part 3 of the Miami Swim Week/ Birthday blog and it will be up soon! But I am kinda...

Hey Guys!

     So first off, I knooooooow I owe you a Part 3 of the Miami Swim Week/ Birthday blog and it will be up soon! But I am kinda, sort of obsessed with the new Janelle Monáe -Electric Lady song and video. Now I only know a few songs from Monáe- Cold War, Dance or Die, and of course Tightrope so I m in no way a Janelle Monáe expert. I actually heard Tightrope for the first time on a Target back to school commercial. Yeah I know of all the places to discover music. I was just blown away. It's weird and funky but it was still  R&B while at the same time new age pop. It was crazy and I still love hearing it To. This. Day!

Bah Bam! That's how her music comes off to me.
Electro- Sophista- Funky-Lady
    So for me personally I forgot about all the sooouuul Janelle puts into her music. That's a bit weird to say because of course I saw her Covergirl ads and I'd hear people or entertainment television talk about her but I wasn't I guess you could say "sold". Yeah she seemed cool with her natural hair styles, dress in her black & white uniform but c'mon it was 2010. I was in what the 10th grade watching Hannah Montana and singing the Cheetah girls and High School Musicial soundtracks. By the way have you seen Zac Effron lately? Whooo child (hand fan and side eye).

If you don't know why she chose to wear the uniform of black & white there's a link to an interview with Hot 97 so you can go ahead and watch that. Or if you just want to hear her speak positive life in you through the explanation of  her music check out the next two links. Don't let the name of the video fool it was a pretty good interview  from my point of view.
     Recently I feel like I've been reintroduced to Janelle Monáe. I have to say hearing and seeing the Electric Lady official music video just hooked me. I am more likely to follow her and her music now because I actually listen to and identify with the empowerment message that is thrown all up in her everything. Whether it be her style, her music, or what she stands for. I am 20. I haven't experienced as much as other 20 year olds have but I am still trying to figure out who I am and what my God given purpose is on this earth. I feel like when you wake up in the morning and you turn on that Janelle Monáe, she is gonna get you in the groove to where you walk out of your front door and you want to be you no matter what situation you might go through that day because you know you can get through it. So for all of you who want to be empowered I urge you to check out the Electric Lady album. Also feel free to click on the link below because it takes you straight to everything Monáe.
     But seriously, I feel like I'm the "ish" when I listen to the song Electric Lady. I even went on twitter pledging #ElectroPhiBeta, hahaha. I feel like she's talking about me being "Electro- Sophista- Funky-Lady". And I actually dance to the beat (when I'm sitting or in my head), smh. I feel sexy yet unique, feminine, and powerful all at once. I've seen the music video for this song so many times when I just listen to the song I'm doing all the dance moves from it, shhhh don't tell anyone,  they might catch it on video hahaha.

This is how cool I imagine myself being when listening to this song, haha.

But this would be me in reality, haha.

Let me know which Janelle Monáe song you fancy the most and why it makes you feel like an "Electric Lady" in a sense? Mean while I'll be working on that Part 3 blog post.

Peace my loves and have an amazing day! Remember you don't ever have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you.


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