Miami Swim Week 2014 & My Birthday! Part 3

Hey Guys!      It's that time again, yes, back to school! Which is great because I know you all love the academics portion of it. I a...

Hey Guys!

     It's that time again, yes, back to school! Which is great because I know you all love the academics portion of it. I also know you just want to show up and look cute with your friends, almost like a mandatory hang out session made possible to you by the public school system, haha. That's why I have been posting so many Back To School, B.T.S, looks for both the girls and guys out there. So make sure you let me know what more you want to see in the comments below. By the why the B.T.S looks will continue until next week so keep coming back for more fun new style inspirations. There will most definitely be one on school uniform and how to style it up.
     So this week I have decided to post what is so long over due and that is Part 3 of the Miami Swim Week 2014 & My Birthday. Since my birthday has been gone for quite some time now I'm going to make this post short, sweet, and straight to the point. That week was literally the best week of my summer hands down because I did so any incredible things that week. As you know from part 1& 2 I worked backstage which was awesome! After hours is when my life started to heat up, and boy was it sizzling.
     On my actually birthday after work, I went to an AMC Theater and meet up with some friends that I hadn't seen since we graduated high school. Daniella, Kaitlyn, her brother, and I saw 'How to train your dragon 2' which was so freakin' funny I can't even explain, it's a movie for all to see. Then we went to RA Sushi Bar Restaurant which offers Japanese Fusion Cuisine, and sushi catering in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. Which is spot on! The waiter was so funny, friendly and awesome! The next two days I hung out with Webber J. Charles who is an Associate Site Director at Breakthrough Miami but he was my first art teacher and mentor. Anyway, he took me shopping and I was able to meet a few of his really cool friends who are completely passionate about their goals. It was great to be around them in the atmosphere we were in which was a bowling ally, haha, always enjoyable. Then, I hung out with my wonderful friend Vaninna and we tried on a bunch of  clothes at Zara. I convinced her to buy more than she wanted to because she looked so cute in the garment pieces she picked out. I was really no help with keeping her on budget lol.

Well that's enough of that. Like I said before, short and sweet.

On the left we have some cute items that my big sis bought me for my BDAY. When I'm brave enough to wear that stripe crop top you'll be the first to see!
On the right are some of the t-shirts that Webber bought me. I love prints! There is a really cute black & white sunflower print top that also belongs there but you can see it below in one of the looks I styled.

Going from left to right: High rise jeans shorts is an item that I've wanted for some time now
White jeans with blue printed illusion patches from Gap (they were on sale)
Paisley Blue palazzo pants is my new fav piece! It's a great alternative to sweatpants
Cute pants from Kenneth Cole bought at Nordstrom Rack
All a gift from my mum.
I've been wanting a penny board for like a year now and my amazing mum got it for me.
Very cool vintage bag that Webber got me but I can't tell you his secret shopping place ;)
I can say that this is most likely from the 80's.
Some cool birthday shoes from DSW that are totally worn in because I've been wearing them none stop especially the super comfy flats. Now that I think of it they are both pretty comfortable to wear for a long time.
Lovin' these shorts!
The Sun was a killer that day!

I clearly don't take fashion blogging that serious, haha!

Hope I inspired you!

Have an amazing day! Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you. Just chat him up.


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