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Hey All!!

     I hope your week has been going great and that your weekend goes even better! I want to first say that I am going into a slight hibernation this Spring because I won’t be spending Spring in Miami but in New York.  I won’t be completely gone from the blog you just won’t see a lot of personal style post from me. There are many variables as to why I won’t be able to put up as much as I would like. 
  1. I won’t have anyone to take photos for me. I use my phone camera  and I don't have a tripod. Usually, I force my mom to take a boat load of pictures for me until she gets fed up or hungry, haha.  I have to find a NY photographer, also known as, a friend that I've begged/ tricked into taking my pictures.
  2. I don’t have a personal computer. At the moment I’ve been writing and editing my blog and photos on my computer at work when I have time (when I make time, haha). When I get to NY I’ll most likely have to travel to school, an hour away, or the nearest library to write, edit, and upload. I've tried doing it on my phone but it's just more difficult.
  3. The drop in temperature plays a big role. As you know Miami is considerably hotter than NY around this time of the year and will stay this way for a while. And I’m sorry but I’m just not about that cold life.

Now, just because their won’t be any outfit posts doesn’t mean I won’t appear on the blog. It is called Life And Ang after all. I just have to get more creative, *wink, wink*.

While you process my updated  take a look at some pretty pictures I've done and have a listen to the amazing voice of Will Heard.
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