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Hey All!

      How has your week been going so far? I hope very well! As you may know from the last post, I’ve moved back to New York City also known as the freezing cold city! For how long? Only God knows. But while I am here I am going to enjoy life to the fullest! I’ve come back to continue my education to get my degree(s) in Fashion Design and to grow at Home. By home I mean my church which is actually a big part of my life here. More on that in the future.

     When I got to New York it almost felt weird. I kind of felt a bit out of my element which was odd since all the other times, including my first, it was like home and that I’ve been here before. I am in a new borough that I'd never explored and I am in a whole new surrounding. A bit of a culture shock but I've actually gotten pretty use to it now.

     My first week back, I spent with my mother because she decided to come up with me to help me get settled into my new apartment. Boy am I glad she came because that week was filled with stresses I had never gone through before but I felt safe and that it was handled because she was with me. I know she can’t always be there to help me because I’m an “Adult” now but I am so happy she was at those moments.

     Mum wasn’t completely helpful when it came to the traveling part though, haha. That’s when she became the kid and I the adult. She was completely clueless. It’s weird because in Miami if you tell me an address I would stare at you as it went right over my head.  It’s different in NY because there all these apps that make traveling so easy now a days the only thing you really have to know is how to read a map. My mom isn’t good at learning apps or reading maps, haha. But it’s okay she helps when it counts. 

     As we went around the city my mum was a definite tourist that week. I’m telling ya, I had to take pictures everywhere. Below are just some of the places we went and also a glimpse of the blizzard “Juno” that just happened to hit the same week we showed up.

     Minus the stressful financial situation that happened my first week back was pretty darn good.

Do you wanna build a snooooow maaaaan? -Frozen the movie (This is more of a reminder for when I read this back years from now)
Remember you never have to feel alone because Jesus is always with you! Just chat Him up.

Love ya,


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